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Mystery - Revelation - Venusian Art (DVD4-8)

Тема в разделе "Знакомство и флирт", создана пользователем Менеджер, 18 ноя 2014.


Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
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  1. 18 ноя 2014
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор

    Mystery - Revelation - Venusian Art (DVD4-8)

    «Mystery - Revelation - Venusian Art (русские субтитры) DVD4-8»

    Общая продолжительность перевода 5 часов!

    Представьте себе, что женщины борются за возможность встретиться с вами
    DVD #4

    • How your reactions convey relative value. This alone will either pull you straight out of the game or elevate you to the top of social circles.
    • The underlying theme in basic game theory that creates attraction. The key to your dating success is understanding this building block and how it sets the pace for your sets.
    • How she’ll give off subconscious displays of replication value. See how she’s hardwired to show off her attractiveness, letting you know you’re on the right path.
    • Walking the tightrope when a guy tries to ruin your set. Give him too much attention and you just fuel the fire, but ignore him completely and it kills your social value.
    • The powerful methodology behind judgments, and how you can use this to open her up right before your eyes.
    DVD #5

    • Matador covers his top 5 DHV (demonstration of higher value) routines. These willleave her begging at your feet, wanting to get to know you better.
    • The real reason the palm reading gambit is so important! Why what you sayreally doesn’t matter …
    • Matador’s “Stripper Name” game. You won’t believe this gambit that Matador routinely deploys to much delight, sending his sets into attraction frenzies!
    • Rare insights into how Matador operates in the field. Hear what he’s thinking as he’s in a set, and you don’t want to miss the exploits of some of the wildest sets ever.
    DVD #6

    • Know exactly when to begin telegraphing interest. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is showing interest too soon, and it stops the set dead in its tracks. Discover how to know when it’s right to let her start to “win you over.”
    • How you can feel her level of attraction to you whenever she puts her hands in yours. A subtle, easy-to-miss sign of how she really feels about you.
    • The stage that the game is won in. The problem is that almost every single lonely guy tries to start here … Know the proper time to move to this stage, and you’ll be one of the most successful guys in the venue.
    • See and hear step-by-step how I demonstrate three of the most important attraction switches. They are leader of men, successful risk taker, and protector of loved ones. These are the very routines I use in my personal sets.
    DVD #7

    • The 2 set-annihilating questions to ask. Go here and it’s straight to friends zone,do not pass go and do not collect $200.
    • See Lovedrop demonstrating proper and improper delivery. Remember, 90% of your communication is based in how you say it.
    • The observed vs. the observer – How to command attention and hold court in the venue. Getting this mind-state is key to establishing and keeping the dominant frame in your sets.
    • Afraid of running out of things to say? Use these conversational tricks and you’ll never run out of material, or have to worry about memorizing anything again.
    • Real-life examples of role playing. Get her emotions pumping with fun, exciting stories designed to get her mind picturing her with you, capturing her heart.
    DVD #8

    • <How to respond to any weirdness or resistance when you escalate. Your choice will determine how and *if* you can escalate again.
    • The secrets to delivery – only 10% of communication is in the words. See my facial expressions, tonality, and body language that I use in set to subconsciously communicate and gain lightning-fast attraction.
    • #1 body language killer! This DLV (demonstration of lower value) absolutelymurders sets and sends you packing – don’t make this mistake!
    • How to break inside her physical space, setting the stage for kino and more intimacy later, but without triggering any of her alarms.
    Цена: 25 950 рублей


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