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Мега-прибыльный арбитражник без привязки

Тема в разделе "Форекс и инвестиции", создана пользователем Менеджер, 26 окт 2015.


Список участников складчины:

1. sarasaha
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    Участников: 1/100
  1. 26 окт 2015
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор

    Мега-прибыльный арбитражник без привязки

    Пришла рассылка на интересного робота-арбитражника БЕЗ ПРИВЯЗКИ!
    Автор также дает список брокеров где бот работает также как на видео
    И судя по видео там не просто чистый арбитраж

    Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

    Дальше переводчик в помощь

    About Our HFT Arbitrage EA:

    We invented first version of HFT Arbitrage EA in 2013 with Our full dedication and experience of 8 Years in High Frequency Trading. We are based in Finland with a dedicated team to provide best of our Achievement to the ordinary traders.

    Thanks to its rock solid Hidden Algorithm, HFT Arbitrage EA has no limitation of profit.

    HFT Arbitarge EA is 1000% profitable, Because It doesn't works like other Common Grid or Martingale EA etc. Most Important it works on Real Accounts.

    It works on Arbitrage Algorithm and Predicts price from Major Liquidity (Saxo Bank) before It comes to Brokers and Trade according to that and Grabs the profit. It can make minimum 100% to 10000% profit weekly. However its depends upon Brokers execution Quality, Spread, Leverage of the Account. We recommend to Open an ECN/STP NDD (Market/Instant Execution) account with Slow Feed Brokers (7 Fully Tested Brokers List will be Provided in Package and Our clients getting regular withdrawal without any issues). Its trade Success Rate is 101% if all these requirement meets. HFT EA can be run 24 Hours, Or you can run it on EUR & USA Sessions or On Major Economic Data for best performance. You just have to follow our Guidance and be successful with us.

    Question 1:What will be the approx % Profit with this Arbitrage EA? Which time is preferred to run you Arbitrage EA?

    Fortunately, Our HFT Arbitrage EA has No Limitation of Profit. It can make minimum 100% to 1000% profit monthly. However It depends upon each Broker's Execution Quality, Spread, Leverage of the Account etc. We recommend to Open an ECN/STP NDD account (Instant/Market Execution) with Slow Feed brokers. Success rate of Our HFT EA is 101% If all these requirement meets.

    (Note: We provide 7 Fully Tested Brokers & Settings with the Package).

    It can be run on 4 / 5 digit, Fixed or Variable spread brokers. Its has no mind frustrating settings. With Simple setup You will be ready to get profit.

    Question 2: You will help to set up HFT arbitrage EA to my VPS server?

    Yes Off course. After payment, We will send all the necessary Files (EA, UserGuide, Settings, Installation Files, License & Broker's List) to your email.

    You just have to read the instructions in UserGuide and install the software on your PC or VPS server. If you have any difficulties please contact us, We are happy to help. We can also help to setup it via Team Viewer for you at your convenient time.

    Question 3: What is the minimum deposit required to work with HFT arbitrage EA?

    The minimum deposit for HFT Adviser could be as low as 50 USD with Minimum Leverage of 1:100. Minimum lot can be set to 0.01. You could increase lot size & Deposit when you are satisfied with result from chosen Broker.

    Question 4:Will you provide list of Operational Forex brokers, where We can work with HFT Arbitrage Robot?

    Yes, 7 Fully Tested Brokers List will be Provided in Package. In the future We provide more updated brokers name Via mail because Our Dedicated team always busy in testing More new Brokers for our Clients. So You don't need to have test other brokers and waste the time and Money.

    Question 5:Is there any restriction like Licence Key or Its an Unlimited Licensed EA?

    This EA is fully Unlimited and you can run it on as many as PC/VPS or Account you want. There is no Restrictions.

    Question 6:Is there any other ways for payment? I don't have Account with Neteller and Perfect Money.

    No, Currently We have 2 Major ways for payments: Neteller and Perfect Money.

    You can Open an Account with them here instantly:

    *We prefer you to use Neteller, because it doesn't charge any fees to transfer money and it gets verified instantly within 30 minutes of Identity document submission.

    Question 7: Which Pairs to be use in HFT Arbitrage EA?

    All major Pairs could be use which has lower spread. We recommend EURUSD< GBPUSD< USDCHF< USDJPY< EURJPY< EURGBP< AUDUSD< NZDUSD< USDCAD etc.

    Question 8:Is there any specific VPS Configuration requirement?

    You could run it on any VPS Configuration but for Best Results We recommend you to use good configuration of VPS (Atleast 2GB RAM & above, 1.5 Ghz Processor recommended). Any other requirement is all mentioned in user guide like Brokers name with Account types and settings Input. We also provide Best VPS Company's Link in Package for Low Latency to our recommended brokers.

    Question 9:Will it work for US Brokers? You Provide brokers who accept US Clients?

    US Brokers are part of our operational brokers list with package. You will get the links and Account type & Settings which is best suitable for our EA.

    HFT Arbitarge EA is compatible with FIFO Rules. Our EA doesn't use Hedge Arbitrage Strategy. It works even in Lowest Leverage because its having good Money & Risk manage algorithm in it. HFT EA is tested in all conditions and limitations. It automatically detects and handles all conditions of Account.

    Question 10: Will it required 2 MT4 to run the EA or It get feed from some software?

    NO. HFT Arbitrage doesn't required 2 MT4 or 2 Brokers MT4 Account to run. It doesn't work Like Master Slave system. It works with faster READER (a software) which Grab the Price Feed from SAXO Bank.

    READER forward the data to MT4 EA. EA catch it instantly and trade according the SAXO Feed data.

    Its very easy to setup and takes only 5 minute to run it successfully.

    Off course, All things like Settings, Reader, Installation drivers and Setup will be provided in package to assist you in all the way. Its setup installation is same as common softwares that We use and install in our daily computer work.

    Question 11:Do you provide Demo version of EA for test?

    NO. We don't provide Demo Version of EA, because It comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee If you are not fully satisfied with its work and Results on your Account. We provide Guarantee Because We are 100% sure about our Project. We provide best fully tested Brokers to our clients with package, So anyone can instantly start trading with HFT EA without wasting time and hard earned money in testing other brokers.

    Question 12:Will broker detect HFT Arbitrage EA or its Strategy?

    NO. We have coded HFT Arbitrage EA with Secret Algorithm, So, its not possible to detect our HFT EA's strategy by Brokers and Secondly We have also made hide the Trade Comments to make it hidden beast.

    Question 13: Why you sell this amazing profitable EA?

    We are not selling HFT EA to achieve Million of Dollars. We are actually selling it to make a trusted client base for our upcoming Big Projects. We don't mind in sharing our Hard work, As we are getting reasonable Price for it. We believe in work with a team with huge success rate and We are going forward with our Dream.

    We think that Together, We can do more.
    Вот переписка с автором где он говорит, что бот идет без привязки
    [23.10.2015 10:19:00] xxx_XXX_xxx: hi tell me please if I 'll buy your bot do I have limitation for VPS or not ??
    [23.10.2015 17:05:23] HFT Arbitrage: There's no limitation, because We are providing Unlimited License Package. You can use it on Unlimited PC/VPS and Accounts
    [23.10.2015 17:05:33] HFT Arbitrage: without any limitation

    Цена вопроса 1000уе

    Последнее редактирование модератором: 21 дек 2015

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