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[Craftsy] Mixed Media (карандаш, тушь, акварель) - 2 курса (eng)

Тема в разделе "Курсы по дизайну", создана пользователем Менеджер, 22 дек 2015.


Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    Участников: 0/100
  1. 22 дек 2015
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор

    [Craftsy] Mixed Media (карандаш, тушь, акварель) - 2 курса (eng)

    Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor
    with Matt Rota


    Create captivating, expressive artwork defined in ink and brought to life with luminous watercolors.
    Explore fun, approachable exercises with guidance from professional illustrator Matt Rota and discover the thrill of creating a composition and completing it with color, texture and contrast. Learn to use a pen and nib to create a variety of marks and line widths, each with its own visual language. Add the brush to create washes, tones, and drybrush textures, then add watercolor to the mix to lead the viewer’s eye into compelling atmospheric space. Master these fundamental techniques and more while you discover the secrets to successful still lifes, portraits and landscapes!

    Lesson 1. Getting Started 18:18
    Meet Matt Rota and learn about pens, ink and brushes and how to handle them. He’ll also help you avoid some common mistakes.

    Lesson 2. Line 27:22
    Discover the line variation and mark-making possibilities of pen and ink as you define a sketch with inked contour lines.

    Lesson 3. Value & Tone With Pen 25:34
    Learn to build form and dimension with hatching and crosshatching. Choose to work from Rota’s provided portrait or use your own.

    Lesson 4. Value & Tone With Brush 18:01
    Explore smooth brushwork as you create texture and shadow with dry-brushing and ink washes.

    Lesson 5. Exploring Depth 35:27
    Using both pen and brush, explore space, depth and scale as you render a landscape.

    Lesson 6. Watercolor Wash 28:43
    Enhance your pen and ink drawings with watercolor. Rota demonstrates how to use color in harmony with linear marks to add emphasis and mood to your piece.

    Lesson 7. Compositing an Image 34:15
    Combine elements of multiple photographs to create new, imaginative compositions that tell a story. Rota shows how to choose your horizon and work from there to build up your drawing with both pen and watercolor.
    Цена: 24.99$

    Dynamic Detail in Pen, Ink & Watercolor
    with Steven Reddy


    Draw any scene that catches your eye in ink and watercolor! Depict the world around you in fascinating detail using a relaxed, methodical approach.
    Capture gorgeous scenes as you learn how to draw details with techniques for creating contour drawings, grisaille underpaintings, beautiful watercolors and more. With artist and instructor Steven Reddy as your guide, you'll start with how to break down a complex scene into an initial sketch that's light and loose. Then, create a contour drawing that will be the foundation for a successful piece. Once that's complete, Steven will teach you how to create a grisaille underpainting that will bring extraordinary dimension to your work. Move on to using a limited watercolor palette to enhance your piece with harmonious color. Plus, finish your work by using contour lines to suggest shaping and hatch marks to create texture. Learn how to draw detail to depict the world around you in ink and watercolor!

    Lesson 1. Marking With Confidence 26:05
    Meet illustrator Steven Reddy, then get started creating dynamic ink and watercolor drawings. Deepen your understanding of composition and get comfortable using your pen to capture detailed shapes, without striving for perfection. In the process, you’ll gain valuable tips for developing your own unique style and vision!

    Lesson 2. Sketching in Pencil & Pen 18:11
    Put pencil and pen to paper as you begin the process of drawing an intricate still life. Steven guides you through the initial steps of making light, loose pencil sketches, offering tricks for simplifying complex shapes. Then, create a controlled contour drawing in pen using your sketch as a rough guide.

    Lesson 3. Working With Ink Washes 24:09
    Discover Steven’s technique for creating a grisaille underpainting with India ink washes — a crucial step in adding dimension to your drawings. Learn how to make a grayscale, then practice applying several layers of ink wash to build up value and achieve smooth transitions from dark to light.

    Lesson 4. Inking the Grisaille Layer 24:31
    Continue practicing the grisaille techniques from Lesson 3 as you develop the underpainting in your still life. Steven shows you his effective method of applying the first two layers of ink washes to build up the drawing’s midtones and shadowed areas, while taking care to preserve the highlights.

    Lesson 5. Creating Contrast With Grisaille 17:19
    With Steven’s guidance, learn how to apply the third and final ink wash to your drawing to complete the underpainting. Discover how to punch up the darkest values, adding contrast and a greater sense of depth to your composition. Plus, Steven shares expert advice on how to avoid common mistakes.

    Lesson 6. Glazing With Watercolor 27:31
    Enhance the look of your finished underpainting with watercolor! Get step-by-step instruction on working with a limited palette to create a unified and cohesive scene. In addition, you’ll discover the best method for applying each layer of paint, as well as how to mix colors effectively.

    Lesson 7. Contours, Hatching & Highlights 24:39
    Want to make your still life truly shine? Steven shows you how! Add bold contour lines for emphasis and create hints of texture and shaping with hatch marks. You’ll also learn how to apply subtle highlights with a gel pen to delineate foreground objects from the background.
    Цена: 19.99$

    Общая цена примерно 3200 руб.

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